Make Debt Counselling your Debt Remedy

Financial health is no different to your physical health. Just as you would seek a remedy for a cold or flu, you should also seek a remedy for any negative financial symptoms that may be showing. Attending to common financial stress symptoms quickly can help you to avoid endless stress caused by credit provider harassment and legal action. In the same way that you would prioritise sorting out general health issues to avoid bigger problems down the line, so should you prioritise sorting out your financial problems. Be aware that poor health can also be a symptom of financial stress.

7 Common symptoms of financial stress

  • You feel anxious every time your phone rings in case its someone asking for money
  • You are absent from work more often to avoid calls from debt collectors
  • You seem to always be fighting with your spouse about money
  • You don’t have enough money to pay your monthly instalments
  • You are so worried about money that you can’t sleep
  • You have to take out new loans to pay for older loans
  • You start receiving legal letters from your credit providers because you have missed payments on your accounts

Debt Counselling is your solution

Many of our clients felt afraid before signing up for debt counselling. People can become overwhelmed by the amount of debt that they have and often don’t believe there is a way out. Taking the first step is often the hardest part of the debt counselling process.
However, it is clear that the best way to remedy financial strain is debt counselling. It’s a tried and tested process and is relatively simple and easy to get started. With debt counselling, you will feel immediate relief from your debt symptoms, provided you are willing to commit to the process of paying off your debt.
Debt counselling allows you to breathe again. It stops creditor provider harassment in its tracks, reduces the interest rates you are paying and lower the amount you have to pay back each month.
DebtBusters, South Africa’s largest and most trusted Debt Counsellor is best equipped to assess your debt situation and advise you on a debt solution that gets you out of debt.
Under the debt counselling process, you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • FREE and CONFIDENTIAL debt assessment
  • CONSOLIDATED debt repayments
  • A LOWER and affordable monthly instalment
  • Reduced interest rates and fees on your accounts
  • LEGAL PROTECTION from your credit providers
  • A fresh start when you are declared DEBT FREE
  • A clean record when we issue a CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to all credit bureaus

The DebtBusters Debt Assessment is 100% free and confidential with no obligation. Call DebtBusters on 0869 99 06 06 or visit, fill out the free call back form and one of our financial assessors will call you back.

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