Spring cleaning your finances makes Smartcents!

With September signalling the start of Spring, a financial check-in should be high up your priority list. Just like you may be spring cleaning your home, you need to be doing the same with your finances.
Smartcents is DebtBusters’ online client portal that was designed so that you can manage and understand your debt counselling process and financial health. Smartcents makes your debt counselling process simple to follow and because we know you won’t be under Debt Counselling forever, we have ensured that you can use Smartcents to build a financial plan for your future, now!
Spring cleaning your finances doesn’t just involve getting rid of any unnecessary expenses that may have crept into your budget, but also requires planning for, and investing in your future. With Smartcents, you have access to a wide variety of financial planning products and services to suit your needs, and all at the click of a button.

Smartcents is your one stop portal which allows you to view:

  • The amount paid and outstanding for both your secured and unsecured debt
  • The date of your most recent payment towards your debt
  • The amount paid and outstanding on each individual account included under your debt counselling application
  • Your payment history and your upcoming debt counselling payments
  • How much money each of your creditors received in any specific month
  • Your latest credit score and how your credit score improves as you move towards the end of your debt counselling process
  • Your outstanding debt and your total amount paid to date!

Be a winner with Smartcents!

Every day that you login to Smartcents, you are automatically entered into the monthly Smartcents Lucky Draw Competition. If your name is drawn you will win R1000! Login today, every day to secure your chance to win! Start your financial spring clean by logging into smartcents.co.za now!
Congratulations to Mr. J Bosman who was our Winner in August. The winner for September… could be you!

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