Use your trash to save cash

Each year, the festive season sneaks up on us and before you know it, it has come and gone leaving you in financial turmoil.
Throughout the festive season, you will find yourself throwing away a lot of trash, that you probably don’t realise, can save you cash! Follow these tips to help you save money.

1. Salvage Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons & recycle it next year

When the time for gift giving comes, make a note to keep unwanted wrapping paper, ribbons and other decorative items so that you can reuse them next year to save money. Not only can you reuse them for wrapping gifts, they may be used to contribute towards your children’s school craft projects.

2. Reuse festive season gift cards

Instead of purchasing expensive festive season gift cards, collect old gift cards and use the front of them to make gift tags.

3. Combine left over meals to make a festive feast

Don’t waste your left overs! Use excess food to contribute towards making bigger meals such as stews or soup. Alternatively, freeze small portions of food, which can be eaten over time or turned into festive snacks.

4. Salvage Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations can be pricy! Use old milk cartons and other waste materilas to get creative and make your own hand-made decorations! Note; fairy lights are great decorating extras, but can cause a spike in your electricity bill. Purchase energy efficient LED lights for future use, as you will save up to 90% on electricity and reduce costs.

5. Christmas is a time for giving, but only give what you can afford.

Make DIY gifts for friends and family. After all, it’s the thought that counts!
If you are feeling the festive season financial pinch and are struggling to make ends meet, using your trash to save cash can save you more money than you think! Small savings add up to one large amount!
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