View your account balances online

Did you know you can view your account balances online? With Smartcents, now you can. Smartcents by DebtBusters is making it that much easier for you to track your debt counselling process.
By logging on to, you have the option to view your account balances online – making this a new and exciting way for you to stay up to date with your debt counselling process!

With Smartcents you can view:

  • The amount paid and outstanding for both your secured and unsecured debt
  • The date of your most recent payment towards your debt
  • The amount paid and outstanding on each individual account you have included under the process

How do I view my account balances on Smartcents?

  1. Login in with your unique Smartcents login details which would have received
  2. Select the blue ‘Debt Counselling’ tab on the left hand side of the Smartcents homepage
  3. On the drop down menu select “Account Balances” (the green scale) and view all the information regarding your account balances!

How can viewing my account balance help me?

         1. Tracking your debt counselling payments
As consumers we all want peace of mind in knowing exactly where our money is going, on a monthly basis. Viewing your account balances online allows you to keep track of your debt  repayments, your total amount paid to date and your total outstanding debt, so that you are remain updated and informed whenever you choose.By clicking on your accounts, you can view your individual balances with specific accounts and the total amounts paid into that account, to date, which can help you plan ahead for the upcoming month.
      2. Settle smaller balances with your bonus or spare cash
You can settle smaller balances, using your 13th cheque or bonus, which can help you become debt free in a shorter amount of time and help you plan and assess your finances accordingly.Knowing that you have small account balances can help you forecast as to how much of your spare cash you can put aside to pay the account in full, rather than spending on unnecessary items. Settling accounts will save you money in the long term because you will save on interest charges for that account as well.
Remember to keep logging on to Smartcents for new and exciting features.
Smartcents by DebtBusters – Making sense of your finances.

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