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The Clearance Certificate: The ultimate goal in your Debt Counselling journey

Debt counselling is a journey which requires dedication and commitment for up to five years of your life, so we know receiving a clearance certificate at the end of the journey is a momentous occasion for both our clients and our staff who walk side by side them during this time. DebtBusters has already issued close to one thousand clearance certificates in the first quarter of this year! We feel great pride towards our clients for sticking to the debt counselling path and completing the process because we know the sacrifice and dedication involved. Receiving your clearance certificate not only marks the official end of your debt counselling journey, it is also a new financial start for you and your family!

What to expect: Your clearance certificate is a letter that will be issued by DebtBusters, stating that you have settled all of your debt as per your debt restructure plan. The National Credit Act states that you are eligible to receive your clearance certificate when all of your unsecured debt is paid up, your bond/mortgage or long-term agreement payments are up to date and all of your debt counselling fees are paid up.

DebtBusters will also issue the clearance certificate to all of your credit providers and the credit bureaus. Once the credit bureaus have received your clearance certificate, they will be able to remove the debt counselling flag off your profile. They will also remove your default listings and judgements. Only your payment history will remain.

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Tracking your journey We know that our clients wait in anticipation for the day they receive their clearance certificate, so we have made it easy to track this process through our client portal Smartcents. By logging on to Smartcents, you track your individual debt counselling progress and can see how close you are to receiving your clearance certificate. You can also use this portal to log a query, view your payments and account balances.

And after? DebtBusters is here to support you through and beyond your journey to debt freedom. We know that starting the post debt counselling chapter can be daunting, and that is why we are here to assist you beyond your debt counselling journey. We offer further financial advice and guidance to find the best financial products which will ensure you are in the best position to flourish financially.

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