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DebtBusters wins best National Debt Counsellor award again

07 October 2021

DebtBusters was once again recognised as the top national debt counsellor in South Africa at the Debt Review Awards, held on 10 September 2021. This is the company’s sixth win, this time coming in first among more than 1,700 registered debt counselling companies.

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Benay Sager, head of DebtBusters, said that this year’s award is of particular importance:

“There’s no doubt that South Africa has a world-class debt counselling sector, and that it is having a significant impact. For the foreseeable future, and particularly when interest rates start to increase again, debt counselling will become a lifeline to many South Africans, helping them to navigate this difficult economy.

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As an industry, we will have to deliver the best possible service. These awards set the standards and values required to do so and evaluate the entire sector against those.

In these circumstances, it’s not about who wins, but encouraging everyone to do better.”

The Debt Review Awards, held annually since its inception in 2014, recognises service excellence within the industry and is open to any NCR-registered debt counsellors, payment distribution agencies and credit providers.

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