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Financial health is no different to your physical health. Just as you would seek a remedy for a cold or flu, you should also seek a remedy for any negative financial symptoms they may be showing.
The first ever Debt Review Awards was held on 19 July 2014 in Cape Town, to celebrate business excellence in debt review and to make heroes out of those who are responsible for leading the industry. Credit providers, debt counsellors and payment distribution agencies from South Africa were nominated in order to ensure that all parties in the industry were acknowledged for their efforts.
Always looking for new ways to help assist South African consumers facing financial difficulty and tor educe the levels of over-indebtedness in South Africa, Ian Wason later founded DebtBusters in 2008.
The credit information amnesty implemented on 1 April 2014, has left many South African consumers confused about what the credit amnesty means for them.
Debt repayments too high? We Want To Help You!
Below are some top tips for getting yourself out of debt. • Pay back more than you have to. Top up minimum payments on credit cards to bring down the balance. • If you’re having trouble managing your debt, stop using credit cards until you’ve reached your goal. • If you want something, don’t buy...