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Withdrawing from Debt Counselling

Prior to 2015, if a consumer wanted to exit the debt counselling process , they would have to contact the respective Debt Counsellor and request cancellation, in which case a Form 17.4 (voluntary withdrawal from debt counselling ) would be issued to all parties involved and the consumer would be able to successfully withdraw from […]


IDM Group tops the 2018 Debt Review Awards again with highest honours

The Intelligent Debt Management (IDM) Group has once again received the highest industry accolade at the annual Debt Review Awards for two of its subsidiaries – DebtBusters and Consumer Debt Help. The gala event held on Saturday, 2 June 2018 at The River Club in Cape Town, celebrated business excellence in the debt counselling industry, […]


Why going on a credit diet could be the best thing for you

When consumers ask for our help, there seems to be one particular element in the process which make them hesitant to sign up for the debt counselling process: Not being able to get more credit during that time… The thousands of client who have successfully completed the process will however all agree – they would […]


The Clearance Certificate: The ultimate goal in your Debt Counselling journey

Debt counselling is a journey which requires dedication and commitment for up to five years of your life, so we know receiving a clearance certificate at the end of the journey is a momentous occasion for both our clients and our staff who walk side by side them during this time. DebtBusters has already issued […]


Start your journey to financial freedom…today!

Celebrating our country’s 24th year of democracy is one thing, but if you are caught in a web of debt as an individual, that freedom does not mean much…. Take that first step to really experience financial liberation and let us assist you with the debt counselling process. Debt counselling is a closely regulated solution […]


Fuel saving measures are vitally important for South African consumers

South African consumers were dealt a hard blow in April, with the VAT increase coming into effect at the beginning of the month, as well as the introduction to some new taxes. To add to this, consumers also had to prepare for a substantial petrol and diesel increase on 3 April. 95 ULP and 93 […]


Financial freedom is within your reach!

As we’ve just celebrated our country’s 24th year of democracy, those who have taken control of their finances and embarked on the Debt Counselling journey have even more to be proud of. Just think how great it is going to feel to get to that point of real financial liberation! Now that is true freedom. […]


Make sure you are adequately covered before you travel

It’s the time of year again where the schools break up and we are greeted with yet another long weekend. You may be planning a mini holiday or long weekend away, and this can be a very busy business! Between packing bags, organising travel and accommodation arrangements, and keeping children entertained, it is very easy […]


What should I be saving for?

We have all heard that it is important to save money, but what exactly should you be saving for and why? It is important that your savings plan is in line with your mid and long term financial goals, and there are some saving strategies that we all should be employing – such as setting […]


DebtBusters celebrates with 1000th Debt Free Client in 2017

DebtBusters are always proud to hand our clients their clearance certificates, signifying an end to their debt review process and the beginning of debt freedom. When we handed a clearance certificate to our 1000th debt free client last December, we invited them to DebtBusters for a special tour around the office. A married couple, they […]

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