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At DebtBusters we make sure that you stay up to date with interesting, informative debt articles on debt and related topics. As the cliche goes… knowledge is power.

In the case of debt we believe that you can never have too much information or too many tips at hand. So watch this space!


Do you have too much debt?

You notice most of your salary is going towards your debt repayments each month, you cannot afford to put money towards a savings account, you purchase your groceries with your credit card, and your credit applications are being rejected. These are all signs you’re carrying too much debt. But how much is too much? A […]


Three Common Myths about Debt Counselling – Busted!

To many South Africans the term “debt counselling” is seen as some sort of financial curse word. That if spoken, it swallows any hope you have of a healthy credit record. (Which is a complete myth!) But how did one of the best debt solutions inherit this stigma?  And what are the other common myths […]


Why you should utilise our Debt Settlement Service

On occasion, you may find that you come into a lump sum of money and are not sure what to do with it… There may be a few good and sensible places to put a lump sum of money, such as putting it towards a savings account or investing it, but when you have a […]


Withdrawing from Debt Counselling

Prior to 2015, if a consumer wanted to exit the debt counselling process , they would have to contact the respective Debt Counsellor and request cancellation, in which case a Form 17.4 (voluntary withdrawal from debt counselling ) would be issued to all parties involved and the consumer would be able to successfully withdraw from […]


Don’t stick your head in the sand: the consequences of ignoring debt

Debt can very easily spiral out of control; it’s easy to take out, but can be significantly harder to pay off. When the debt hits the fan, many people tend to stick their heads in the sand by ignoring it. Feeling overwhelmed by debt can be scary, but you will not do yourself any favours […]


Is your vehicle financed and you are currently under Debt Review?

Did you know that when you are under Debt Review, you will not be able to apply for vehicle finance in the event that your vehicle is a total loss due to Theft or Write off? Insurance Busters now have the solution.


What to do when you go over budget?

It may feel like defeat if you’ve gone over budget, but the good news is that you can take necessary steps to gain control again. There are five proven steps which assist in recovering from over spending.


No change to the repo rate

Reserve Bank Governor Lesetja Kganyago has given the last repo rate announcement of the year and the rate has remained unchanged. The year ends on a very interesting note given the abundance of local and international shock and scandal, from Zuma and his allies being exposed in the State Capture report and the infamous business mogul Donald Trump winning the US presidency.


No news is good as Repo Rate remains unchanged

Reserve Bank Governor Lesetja Kganyago today announced that the repo rate will remain unchanged at 7% bringing some good news for 2016, a year that so far has experienced many ups and downs in South Africa’s economic landscape.


Clean Sweep for IDM at the 2016 Debt Review Awards!

The 3rd annual Debt Review Awards Gala was held on Saturday evening, in recognition of outstanding achievements in the Debt Counselling industry for 2015.

It came as no surprise as once again, DebtBusters and Consumer Debt Help, both subsidiaries of Intelligent Debt Management (IDM Group) scooped the most anticipated awards of the evening, with Consumer Debt Help winning best ‘Large Debt Counselling Company’ and DebtBusters bringing home the best ‘National Debt Counselling Company’ award.

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