Debt Consolidation Port Elizabeth

DebtBusters has had thousands of satisfied clients and we will continue to improve the financial stability of individuals with services such as debt consolidation in Port Elizabeth. This service involves the movement of many different debts into a single account that is not only more convenient to pay off, but that can also help you to attain lower interest rates. Seeing as you will be making one monthly payment for a number of debts rather than making payments for each one, you will easily be able to keep track of payments and ensure that they are made timeously. In addition, it could also help to improve your credit worthiness for future loans.

This is achieved either through secure debt consolidation or unsecured debt consolidation. With secure debt consolidation, your debt is secured against an asset such as your home – reducing the risk experienced by the party lending you money, and thereby decreasing interest rates. This is generally used for larger amounts, whereas an unsecured loan is better suited to smaller loans that have a short pay-off period.

To get the process started, you will need to do some paperwork which includes an application form, bank statements and a copy of your ID. To get approval for debt consolidation, you will need to be credit worthy, and be up to date with your repayments. Our helpful consultants will provide you with detailed information regarding this process. They will also help you to get all your documentation ready and perform all the necessary checks that need to take place.

They will then send your application to banks in order to gain approval. You will be informed once it has been approved and get contacted regarding registration. If, however, your debt consolidation is not approved, we will inform as to why this has happened and put forward some alternatives to aid your specific financial circumstances. We can, for instance, help you with regards to a debt review in Port Elizabeth as well as the rest of South Africa to help you become free of debt in as little time as possible.

Apart from providing expert guidance during the process of debt consolidation, DebtBusters has a good relationship with credit providers and can perform many cumbersome duties on your behalf, saving you much time and effort. Contact us without any further hesitation to find out how our services of debt counselling or debt consolidation in Port Elizabeth can benefit you.

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