DebtBusters relaunches new ‘Numbers’ TV ad: ‘It is time to do something about your debt problems. Now.’

26 June 2017

South Africa’s debt crisis continues to engulf the country at a faster and faster pace.

We are now officially in a recession, and are also the most indebted country in the world according to the World Bank Report (2015). As a nation we continue to drown in our debt and the number of consumers experiencing debt related stress continues to rise.

We urge you to confront your debt and to seek help before it is too late. It is very easy to get into debt on your own, but it is almost impossible for you to get out of debt on your own – this is where we can help.

We have relaunched our TV ad that first aired in February, and are reaching out to consumers before they make mistakes on their own and continue the debt spiral until it becomes crippling. Face your debt problems now and restart your life debt free.

It is time to do something.