22 July 2019

DebtBusters scoops National Debt Review Award for the 5th time in 6 years, as consumers are honoured.

South Africa’s best national debt counsellor for 2019, DebtBusters! From left: Chris Nel, Marc Naumann, Gadija Jaftha, Benay Sager and Gary Light. Photo Credit: Debt Free Digi Magazine

The thousands of consumers who successfully completed their debt counselling process were honoured and celebrated during the 2019 Debt Review Awards that took place in Durban on Saturday, 20 July.

Peers and industry colleagues, consisting of National Credit Regulator (NCR) registered debt review service providers such as debt counsellors, payment distribution agencies and credit providers, came together during this annual industry awards programme where feedback was given on their performance.

A group of clients who successfully completed the debt counselling process recently, received their clearance certificates at the event, demonstrating how this debt management solution can be successfully applied to help over-indebted consumers achieve financial wellness.

“It was especially inspiring to hear from one of the clients who addressed the audience and told us how debt counselling helped her to get to a point where she could pay off all her outstanding debt (mostly unsecured), and how she was able to buy a new car and invest in her children’s education,” says Benay Sager, Chief Operating Officer of DebtBusters.

DebtBusters also received the 2019 Debt Review Award for the best National Debt Counsellor in South Africa. This is the firm’s 5th consecutive win in this category.

“There are at least 220 000 consumers that are currently under debt counselling, it’s great to get the testimonials and feedback from those who successfully utilised this process to improve their financial and credit status,” Sager says. “Debt counselling (or debt review) is a very good mechanism to allow consumers that are over-indebted, mostly as a result of life circumstance versus excessive spending, to reset and start again. It helps debt stressed individuals to protect their assets such as their homes and motor vehicles, through a negotiated plan to pay off credit providers. It is a win-win situation as both consumers and credit providers benefit from this approach.”

The focus, however, was on the clients who utilised this process that allows them to manage their debt and overall financial wellness successfully, which made this Awards Ceremony extra special.

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