Why you should utilise our Debt Settlement Service

On occasion, you may find that you come into a lump sum of money and are not sure what to do with it… There may be a few good and sensible places to put a lump sum of money, such as putting it towards a savings account or investing it, but when you have a substantial amount of debt or are under debt counselling, putting the money towards settling all or part of your debt can be greatly beneficial.
Here is why:
You can get discounts on your debt
DebtBusters will negotiate with your credit providers in order to obtain the best possible discount on your debt. On average, DebtBusters saves clients 25% of their total settlement amount through the Debt Settlement service. This is a great way to save money, and settling your debt prematurely will also save you interest and fee costs in the long run.
DebtBusters offers a professional service
DebtBusters are debt experts and are therefore able to offer an expert service by facilitating the debt settlement process, ensuring it is fair. DebtBusters will also advise and prioritise which debt should be settled. As a client, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the settlements, discounts and the savings that were achieved.
Debt Settlement could be the best gift you give yourself
When you come into a lump sum of money, it may be tempting to spend the money or to spoil yourself, after all you do deserve it! But Debt Settlement could be the best gift you give yourself. You will be a few steps closer to debt freedom and complete peace of mind with your finances, and you will reduce your monthly repayment amount, saving yourself monthly interest and administration fees, as well as freeing up cash flow.
To discuss a Debt Settlement opportunity, contact us on [email protected]co.za or log in on your Smartcents client portal (www.smartcents.co.za).

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