The best debt management and insurance cover in SA

InsuranceBusters, DebtBusters sister company, work together on a continuous basis to serve South African consumers struggling with debt.

After receiving exceptional service from DebtBusters and InsuranceBusters, Antoinette, a valued customer wrote into DebtBusters to tell us her success story:

I’m 35 divorced mom with 2 daughters. My ex-fiancé left me with a lot of debts and I just bought a new car before he left me.
I went to DebtBusters to help me with my debt as I had no other way of surviving, but I still had to get insurance for my car as my fiancé was paying the insurance.
I called Outsurance for a quote and they gave me a quote of +/- R 1300.00 per month for car insurance with +/- R2000.00 excess.
However, because of my current situation I wasn’t able to afford this insurance.
They then assisted me by bringing down the monthly amount to R517.00 per month, but my excess went up to R40000.00.  
After I added home content insurance my revised policy had a new monthly premium and my excess went up to R42000.00 in the case of accident or damage to the car.
I stayed with Outsurance as I did not know any better, but after receiving an email from InsuranceBusters, I took a chance and emailed them just to see if I can’t get something better and WOW – what a surprise!
They assisted me and obtained an even lower premium with an excess of only R2000.00 in case of an accident or damage to the car.
Thanks to InsuranceBusters and DebtBusters I now know that I have the best insurance cover in place and before I know it, I will be debt free and on the right path to financial freedom!

For more information on debt management contact DebtBusters on 0869990606 – and if you are in need of short or long term insurance cover contact InsuranceBusters on 0214811704.

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